How To Detoxify Your Digestive System

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This spring, you might want to detoxify your digestive system by ridding your liver and blood of all the pollutants it takes in and stores during the winter months. These are obvious suggestions that are simple to change and would keep us healthier all year long, not just in the spring. Read on to find all the ways to improve your digestive health.

Detoxify Your Digestive System

When I take a deep breath, I smell spring in the air. Join me and take a deep breath to awaken your senses. Inhale the cool air, fragrant with blossoming flowers and budding trees. Spring is in the air. The days have grown longer, the air warmer. Spring is the time of year for rebirth, a new beginning. Mother Nature has awakened from her long winter nap and has been born into another cycle of life once again.

Our bodies go through a similar process with the change of seasons. During the winter, our bodies store up as much as they can to keep us warm during the cold months. By the time spring arrives, our bodies are ready to release all that has been stored—including toxins.

Pollutants are everywhere. Even if we are vigilant about our health, it is impossible to avoid them. Toxins fill the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Over time, these toxins accumulate and hinder the body’s natural elimination, immunity, and healing processes. Symptoms that manifest from toxic overload often appear as skin problems, aches and pains, allergies, fatigue, constipation, brain fog, low-grade infections, and menstrual issues.

Detoxification refers to the natural process of cleansing your body and beginning anew. In many cultures, detoxification has been practiced for centuries around the world. It is about cleaning the body from the inside out by purifying the blood. It works by removing impurities in the liver where toxins are processed for elimination. Toxins are also released through our lungs, digestive tract, kidneys, skin, and lymph. There are many pathways to eliminate toxins, but when one or more of them are not working properly, the toxins accumulate and affect the whole body.

Detoxification is the support system for the body’s natural ability to heal. In addition to purifying your body, detoxification can help to build your immunity to a disease by clearing out impurities and mucus that build up inside the digestive tract. So what can we do to assist this natural process?

The best thing you can do is to give your body a break. For beginners, it is preferable to start for three to seven days, by adding in nutrient-dense, body-building foods that are naturally detoxifying and working on eliminating foods that are taxing to your system and then assess how you feel.

First, cut out the foods that are bogging you down:

• Sugar: Even natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup are best avoided during the short cleansing period. Fermented drinks such as kombucha, found at natural food stores, have purifying effects on the liver, and boost energy.

• Gluten: Even if you believe you are not gluten intolerant, giving your body a break from this hard-to-digest protein is beneficial.

• Caffeine: Such drinks as coffee are very stressful on the adrenal glands; it gives us a false boost in energy and can lead to chronic fatigue. Try substituting green tea.

• Grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds: These are nutritious foods, but hard on the digestive system.

• Animal meat: Again, it’s difficult to digest; avoid it during this period, opting for organic, pasture-fed eggs as a protein source instead. When reintroducing meats, choose humanely raised animals raised on pasture.

• Dairy: Often a problematic food, try removing all sources from your diet and reintroduce them slowly to evaluate your reaction to them. Always choose organic, minimally processed, preferably cultured, and full fat. Simple substitutions are coconut milk and ghee.

In addition, avoid alcohol and cigarettes. These changes may seem impossible, but anyone can do it for a short period of time. For three to seven days, based on how you feel, replace the above foods with the following easily digestible foods.

• Spring greens: collard and beet greens, dandelion leaves, kale, spinach, and Swiss chard are alkalizing in the body, which stimulates the lymph system to drain.

• Spring vegetables: Asparagus, peas, radishes, onions, garlic, and lettuce. Visit the farmer’s market for inspiration.

• Coconut: Full fat coconut milk, extra virgin coconut oil, unsweetened coconut flakes, and coconut butter. Spread it on bread or add it to smoothies and soups for a boost in energy and immune properties and a good source of needed fat.

If you’ve decided to detoxify your digestive system, you will likely find it easier than you thought, since most of these ideas are becoming more and more mainstream and you may have already heard about them before. You will likely also find that once your digestive health improves, your overall feelings of healthiness will too.

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