Where To Buy Prebiotics

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Knowing Where To Buy Prebiotics And Increasing Your Fiber Intake May Promote Good Gut Health

You should know where to buy prebiotics if you plan on eating foods that increase the population of healthy bacteria in your intestines. Prebiotics are classed as soluble fiber that can be found in a variety of foods you eat on a daily basis. Prebiotics are natural plant fiber that does not break down when it passes through your gastrointestinal intestinal tract.

Prebiotics play a key role in the digestive process and regulating the growth of bacteria in your stomach. Prebiotics can be found in natural foods as well as packaged and processed foods. The best choices for prebiotics can be found in raw foods like wheat, onions, garlic, bananas, leeks, artichokes, jicama, and agave.

If your diet consists of foods that are void of any nutritional value, you may need to take a dietary supplement to help assimilate more nutrients from your food. This is why doing a little research on where to buy prebiotics will help you avoid investing in useless products. Prebiotics are sometimes referred to as a dietary supplement that contains nutrients that serve as food for certain bacteria in your digestive tract.

Farmers have been dealing with poor soil quality due to climate changes for some time now. Back in 1992, the Earth Summit in Rio, confirmed that the average US farm was 85% depleted of minerals compared to a worldwide depletion of 75%. Why does this concern you? This means that a high percentage of people, including you and I,  are deficient in a variety of minerals. This is why opting to take a nutritional supplement might not be a bad idea.

Learn Where To Buy Prebiotics By Educating Yourself On The Importance Of Beneficial Bacteria

Prebiotics, which can be found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria. Prebiotics cannot be digested,
and their original shape is maintained in the intestine allows good healthy bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium infantis, to use them as their breeding ground thereby increasing the population of these healthy bacteria in the intestine. As with the growth of these healthy bacteria, they thrive in the intestine creating something known as the prebiotic effect.

Many of the bacteria in your gut are friendly bacteria because they assist your body in digesting material and support gut functions. There are some bacteria that produce essential vitamins and many can detoxify products in your diet. With a sufficient population of these healthy bacteria coupled with the excellent environment for them to thrive,  it is no doubt that they can improve the health of your body significantly as they kill off pathogenic  bacteria, as well as harmful yeasts.

On the other side, their bacteria that are considered unwelcome visitors that can create a severe gastrointestinal upset, produce toxins that can damage your body, and contribute to vitamin deficiency. When you are in the process of investigating where to buy prebiotics, do not forget to consult with your primary care physician. You just want to cover all bases. Who knows, you may find out that you are allergic to a specific supplement or food type. When you are ready to select a nutritional supplement that may help cleanse your digestive system and improve uptake of nutrients from food and supplements, try Digesten-K.

Digesten-K is a concentrated source of soluble fiber with significant enzyme activity while dried kiwifruit powders and psyllium husks products have none. When you are researching the best prebiotic supplements, check to see if the manufacturers are environment friendly, with a solid manufacturing record.

You should know that Digesten-K has no negative impact on our environment. Digesten-K is made from kiwifruit extracts and processed using the patented AquaPure system to preserve the enzymes, prebiotics and phenolics that are typically destroyed during other methods of processing. Soluble fiber, enzymes, prebiotics and phenolics are the four most critical components found in your system.

Digesten-K is unlike any other natural digestive supplement on the market.  Before Digesten-K, you had to take 3 products: enzyme supplement, prebiotic supplement and soluble fiber supplement.

With Digesten-K, you take just one vegetarian capsule and that’s it. Forget about taking 10 pills or more to balance your digestive health. Not only that, kiwi fruit is gentle on your system, unlike other chemical based products. Most kiwi based pills and powders are made from freeze-dried pulp from the kiwi that has had its skin discarded. The thing is, the skin and seeds hold significant amounts of compounds your body needs for optimal digestive health.

Why Choose Digesten-K ?

The type of phenolic compounds present in Digesten-K stops the growth of bad bacteria in your gut, while having a positive effect on the growth of beneficial bacteria. Digesten-K is available exclusively from Xtend-Life. Unless you can find organic kiwi, the fruit you buy in local stores has been sprayed with chemical preservatives, which is then passed on to you.

You need Digesten-K if you are the type of person who loves to rely on fast food and overly processed, quick meals to get you and your family through the week. Digesten-K may help people 50 & over whose digestive system is beginning to slow, not allowing the nutrients to be absorbed like they once were.

During manufacturing, Xtend-Life controls levels of oxidation by using specially-made stainless steel holding tanks and other sealed processes. Our non-marine ingredients are handled according to strict specific processes, ensuring they remain fresh from source to you the customer.

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