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Cures for heartburn: Spotting The Causes For Heartburn

People with heartburn experience chest pains that begin at their breastbone and rises up to the neck and throat. They can also experience that liquids or food is coming back up into their throat or mouth. Many people describe a bitter or sour taste in their mouth during heartburn, while others report an increased pain in the chest, especially when bending forward or lying down. There are several causes for heartburn or acid reflux, which are the common reasons for this uncomfortable chest pain.

Over 90% of people with this condition report that the cause of their heartburn is linked to the food or drink they consume. Spotting the foods that trigger your heartburn episodes is important to find cures for heartburn and prevent these conditions from occurring in the future. 

Cures for Heartburn Tips

Tea, coffee, and other caffeinated drinks relax the LES (lower esophageal sphincter), which is responsible for keeping stomach acid out of the esophagus. When the LES relaxes, stomach acid pushes back into your esophagus, which is one of the major causes of heartburn. Chocolate, citrus fruits and vegetables, tomatoes, tomato-based products, and alcoholic beverages are also the main causes of heartburn because they also relax the LES, preventing it to function normally. On the other hand, eating fatty foods and tobacco smoking can weaken the LES and increase the pressure on your stomach, causing the reflux of stomach acid into your esophagus.

The causes of heartburn are medically described as the feeling when the juices of stomach acid flow backward into your esophagus. This occurs when the LES relaxes or becomes unable to function properly. When the LES functions normally, this valve opens a door that enables food into your stomach to come in, but not go out the same way. When your LES relaxes, it allows the acid juices to flow upward to where they came from – straight to the esophagus. As a result, this acid endangers your esophagus from the harmful acid from your stomach. Doctors refer to this condition as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). 

Many Simple And Natural Cures For Heartburn Are Available

It is not impossible to find cures for heartburn and many natural remedies present themselves as candidates for curing heartburn, and many of these remedies have been passed from generation to generation. Heartburn is a condition that almost everyone has experienced, though chronic heartburn is less common.

Keeping a close check on what one eats, drinks, and when one eats and drinks should help control the onset of heartburn. Fennel Tea Is Wonderful Cure for Heartburn In case of heartburn, a natural cure for heartburn that immediately comes to mind is fennel tea. With fennel seeds being easily available, one will not face any difficulty in preparing a cup or two of fennel tea, and all that is required is to seep a couple of teaspoons of fennel seed into eight ounces of boiled water and consume. One should find instant relief after consuming fennel tea as fennel is also used in many medications used to give relief from heartburn.

Another natural cure for heartburn is gingerroot, and so, too, is rhubarb that has been used since the time of Native Americans to cure heartburn. One can also grow peppermint at home in one’s herb garden, and peppermint is another cure for heartburn which, when its washed leaves and stems are chewed, provides instant relief. With all these cures for heartburn being available, it is wise to check that one is not allergic to any of them before use. No single cures for heartburn can be said to be equally effective on all patients and there is considerable variation with even medications that specifically are used to cure heartburn being ineffective in certain instances.

It may warrant trying out many different cures for heartburn before one finds one that will indeed work for them. Even a change in lifestyle can be helpful though it is not a cure for heartburn. Finding a cure for heartburn can involve addressing the underlying causes of heartburn and then consciously avoiding risk factors. Taking an antacid can be considered a simple cures for heartburn though care should be taken to ascertain that one is not allergic to acid-reducing medications.

One can chew on a piece of rhubarb, which can be bought at any grocery store, and it is also easy to grow at home, but only in season. Typically, what the average American eats today is a diet that is full of unwanted fats and is too low in plant foods. To ingest a diet full of vegetables, with the exception of tomatoes that are highly acidic, one will find, in such a course, a simple cure for heartburn. A change in dietary habits is always helpful in treating heartburn and one would be well advised to use healthy diets in combination with medications to find cures for heartburn effectively. 

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