Foods That Cause Heartburn | What Food To Avoid?

food to avoid heartburn

Planning to eat a beautiful fried steak, with loads of mayo coleslaw, fried chips, and a deep-fried chicken piece, with a bottle of soda, but wait, these are some of the foods that cause heartburn. Heartburn is the syndrome in which a feeling of burning engulfs your breast bone or epigastrium. Also known as acid reflux this sensation arises when the lower esophagus sphincter muscle is unable to stop the splashing of gastric juice of the stomach on the walls of the esophagus.

Since the gastric juice is composed mainly of acids that help in breaking of food, so the splashing of this juice on the end of the esophagus or on the mouth of the stomach will cause a sensation of burning that will rise through the neck to the throat or mouth and produce a bitter taste and irritation that may last for a minute (if the luck is on your side) or more than hour (if it’s the other way around). If these foods that cause heartburn are taken by a person suffering from heartburn will keep him in a state of nausea and blotting.

Heart burning is a serious problem. Although not having serious after-effects other than the GERD (which is caused by prolonged heart burning), the heartburn can affect your daily chores, sleep, and greatly affects your mood. The main culprit behind heart burning is the foods that cause heartburn. There is a long list of foods that cause heartburn. These foods belong to many families of food. But not all of these cause heart-burning. Some may affect one person while it won’t cause heart burning in others. So just rejecting the foods that cause heartburn in others is not the correct way. You should first read and understand about all the foods that cause heartburn and then check what food causes the problem in you. E.g. if eating chicken Buffalo wings do not cause heartburns then you should add it to your heartburn diet.

The class of foods that cause heartburn the most is the fried ones. These oily spiced up deep, or shallow fried foods are the main cause of heartburn. These foods with complex oily compounds either compels the stomach to make more gastric juice or allows the juice to splash on the walls of the esophagus and thus increases the likelihood of heartburns. They include fried chicken, chips, nuggets, deep-fried fish, and sweetmeat.

If you are really determined to counter this problem and stay away from foods that cause heartburn, you should adopt a well-balanced heartburn diet. These diets include fruits, vegetable, and meat that are less likely to make you suffer from heartburn.

There are many foods that cause heartburn and later lead to gout. Gout is a sort of a disease basically due to the increase of uric acid that forms crystals on the joints typically on your toes. This causes pain in your feet that rises through your leg and makes your life miserable. This form of attack and lasts for a considerable long period of time and mostly is found in people who are meat lovers. Foods that cause gout attacks include items like meat, creamy salads, ketchup, soda, oily fried food, and spices, all of which are the foods that cause heartburn.

There are lots of causes of heartburns that tend to increase the odds of this problem. The foremost is your eating habits that have to be fixed. Eating a lot of oily, bakery, packed, sauces and creamy foods tend to make you more vulnerable to heartburns. These foods cause heartburn and if are consumed frequently for a long time are definitely make you suffer from a greater stage of heartburns i.e. GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). This, GERD, causes inflammation in the esophagus and is a painful disease.

The best way to get rid of the problem of heartburn is to maintain a diary for a week or so and jot down all the food you have taken in that particular month. After the time check and analyze the foods that cause heartburn to you. This will make it easy for you to get a list of items that although are loved by you, but will have to be banned. In addition to these foods that cause heartburn, lack of exercise is also responsible or your heartburns.

With a wide range of foods that cause heartburn it is difficult to choose the food that is right for you. For this consult your doctor or simply search out the foods that are responsible for creating such a burning problem. Consumption of foods that cause heartburn should not only be stopped by people who are suffering from heartburns but others as well to remain safe from this irritating, irking, and mood wrecking problem of heart burning or acid reflux.

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