Heartburn at Night? Try these Tried and Trusted Tips

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Nighttime is probably the most common time for suffering heartburn.  If you are a heartburn sufferer it is most likely you are getting disturbed nights and waking with a bitter taste in your mouth, a cough, sore throat, and fatigue.  Even if you are not actually awakened by an acid reflux attack it is likely that your sleep is being disturbed and you are being prevented from getting the periods of very deep sleep that your body needs to rejuvenate.

It is better to get to the heart (no pun intended) of the matter and treat the route courses of the problem and for that, I recommend a complete guide such as “Heartburn No More”.  This guide looks at the causes of heartburn and the steps you need to take to eliminate the problem from your life.  You can download it immediately and at under $40 it is a fairly small price to pay for long-term relief. I believe the author is still offering individual e-mail counseling, so you can be sure that your individual problem can be tackled.

The following tried and trusted tips will bring some immediate relief.

Food and Drink Tips

Reduce your stomach acidity by reducing your intake of acidic foods such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, vinegar spicy foods also raise your stomach acidity.  Avoid or reduce spices such as chilies or pepper for lean meats and avoid greasy foods.   Oils and fats lead to acidity. Some foods relax the valve that keeps acid in the stomach.  Chocolate and alcohol are the two main culprits.  You will probably know your triggers. Drinks filled with gas will bloat your stomach and force acid back into the esophagus Size matters.  Don’t overstretch your stomach with massive meals.  5 small meals are better than 3 large ones.

When and How you Eat Tips

Make gravity your friend and avoid lying down for at least two hours after you eat.  That includes slouching in front of the TV!Slow down when you eat.  Put your fork down between mouthfuls and chew your food thoroughly.If you often work late and grab a late-night meal just before retiring you would be wise to try to switch to a bigger lunch and just have a snack before bed.Avoid eating at your desk.   You really need a proper meal break.  Research indicates that breaking from work can make you more productive too.

General lifestyle Tips

Keep your waistband loose.  Tight clothes or belts can press on your stomach and force acid out. Carrying a few extra pounds? Even a small loss can make a big difference.  Go to http://burnflab.org for my  blog on weight loss that gives tips that can be done in the real world if you get stressed try taking up activity to control it.  Yoga is great but even a few minutes of slow breathing will help if you are relying on regular antacids you may have set up a cycle of suffering. 

Antacids are fine short term, but long term use will make your body produce more acid. Chewing gum after meals will produce more saliva which can help flush acid back to the stomach. We are all different, try keeping a food diary to identify your heartburn trigger foods. Exercise makes it worse? 

Drink plenty of water you need to keep hydrated to avoid heartburn and the water will also dilute any escaping acid. Let your stomach settle by waiting for a couple of hours after eating before doing any very physical exercise. Having said that a gentle stroll after a meal can aid digestion. Smoking strips the protective fluids from your esophagus and also relaxes the oesophageal sphincter.  Stopping smoking is the only real answer. Some prescription medicines can make heartburn worse. 

Discuss alternatives with your doctor if you suspect a medicine is causing heartburn. Try raising the head of your bed on blocks so that you sleep with your head elevated. Bend from the knees, not the waist.  Bending at the waist puts pressure on your stomach. Don’t be embarrassed to belch.  If you feel that you have wind go to the bathroom to let it out (whichever way it wants!) trapped wind will only make the situation worse.

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