The Truth About Heartburn: Heartburn Myths


There are always rumors and myths associated with any medical condition that people do not take the time to research and fully understand. In fact, the human race is great for believing most things that they hear. Unfortunately, the information that is passed down from generation to generation is therefore mostly inaccurate and a product of Chinese whispers. The information associated with heartburn is no different from anything else. There are many heartburn myths out there that need to be clarified. Read on to learn the truth.

Firstly, it is common knowledge that the individual causes his or her heartburn. Common knowledge it may be, but accurate it is not. This is a complete heartburn myth because everybody has the potential to suffer from heartburn. The biological processes that take place in the stomach, from acid production to digestion, all contribute to a chemical balance that can be disrupted at any time. Heartburn is a medical condition and thus, although people can contribute towards their heartburn, they cannot actually cause it.

Another heartburn myth is that the only symptom is a burning sensation in your throat. It may feel that way when you have heartburn, but it does have a knock-on effect and can cause other problems. The acid rising in your throat can irritate the vocal cords and cause a recurring sore throat owing to the damage left in its wake. It can also have an effect on a sufferer’s asthma. Not only can it aggravate it because it provides another obstacle in the way of breathing, but asthma medication can also instigate heartburn. It is a nasty cycle that is hard to escape from.

Another common heartburn myth is that night time heartburn sufferers can only relieve it by sleeping in a sitting position. There are several ways of sleeping that can ease suffering. For example, sleeping with your head on a wedge pillow will encourage the acid to stay in the stomach as it will not be able to make the jump into the throat.

Gastric acids are required in the food digestion process to ensure that the food is broken down properly. However, some people take medication to help regulate stomach acid so another heartburn myth, that these medications can stop digestion, has grown. Medications that regulate stomach acid do not stop its production completely, they simply cut it down to minimum levels. As a result, this does not stop digestion at all.

There are various other myths floating around out there, such as there is nothing we can do to prevent or ease heartburn. They also vary from person to person, depending on what we have been told and what we believe. However, heartburn myths can be dispelled by doing a little bit of research and finding out facts rather than buying into speculation and hearsay. Take everything you hear about heartburn with a pinch of salt until you have a chance to read up on it, which is something you should do if you suffer from it. You may just find out something that could help you get rid of it along the way!

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