Stop Heartburn Naturally With Foods

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Stop heartburn naturally with foods? Have you ever heard of anyone doing so? Well, I am here to tell you that it is very possible to stop your heartburn if you quit eating the foods and combinations of foods that cause heartburn to start with.

You see I used to suffer from heartburn (acid reflux) myself, and it is a horrible thing to suffer with. When I was trying to stop heartburn from making me toss and turn all night and not get enough sleep, I used to take antacids.

But then I read that antacids can cause other problems as a side effect like incomplete digestion of our foods, constipation, stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, aggravate kidney problems, and in extreme cases intestinal bleeding.

Stop Heartburn Naturally With Foods

Antacids are stomach acid neutralizers. To digest meat, you need this acid or the meat will not digest. Stomach acid also kills harmful bacteria. If you are not getting any nutrition from eating your foods, then it would be better not to eat it in the first place.

Then I started studying what really causes heartburn to start with. heartburn is caused by stomach acid backing up into the esophagus. Everyone knows this, but what most people don’t, is that your stomach doesn’t always have to pump out a strong stomach acid to digest every type of food.

It is the protein-containing foods that your body needs to pump out an acidic digestive fluid to digest. So, if you don’t eat any protein-containing foods with your meal, then it doesn’t need to pump out the strong acidic digestive fluid to digest it.

List of high protein foods to temporarily cut way down on or eliminate to stop heartburn:

* Fish

The above-listed foods are all high protein foods that are difficult to digest, so they take longer to digest. They also need strong stomach acid to digest them. It’s this acid that is burning your stomach and esophagus.

Also, some foods are acidic to start with and almost always cause heartburn if I eat them:

* Cooked or canned tomatoes
* Bottled Juices

Other foods that can stimulate the production of stomach acid also:

* Black pepper
* Spices
* Coffee
* Sodas
* Caffeine
* Beer
* Wine
* Tea with caffeine
* 7-Up
* Coca-Cola

If you want to stop heartburn, for your next few meals, try and only eat foods that are low in protein and avoid the other foods that can cause heartburn that I have listed above.

If you eat a meal of only cooked green beans, cooked squash, carrots, lettuce, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt, then your stomach doesn’t have to pump out the strong acid that is required to digest high protein foods like meats.

You can fry them in olive oil if you are used to eating greasy meals, or you can steam them and add just a little oil to them on your serving plate. I do recommend adding at least one tablespoon or more of extra virgin olive oil (up to 3 tablespoons for a satisfying meal) because extra virgin olive oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. These foods will digest well because they are properly combined with efficient digestion.

You can eat the lettuce and carrots raw if you like, but just make sure to chew them up really well. Eat like this just for a day or two, and see if it doesn’t make your heartburn stop.

It’s the combination of having a super full stomach, (there is only so much room in your stomach) and also having it full of strong acidic digestive fluid that causes heartburn. When your stomach becomes super full, the pressure builds up, and then that’s when the stomach acid starts to creep back up into the esophagus.

Most people’s stomachs are stretched out from years of eating too many hard to digest foods and combinations of foods. But, if you can wait to eat your next meal after your stomach is empty, and only eat a properly combined meal that is designed for efficient digestion, then your stomach will digest the meal quicker.

This lets the stomach have enough time to more fully digest that foods from the previous meal, so as to go ahead and move them further into the digestive tract to make room for your next meal.

But what makes your food not digest fast enough to empty before your next meal? Eating too big of a meal for your digestive capacity, or eating hard to digest foods or combinations of foods too frequently. If you eat another meal before the previous meal has had a chance to leave your stomach, then the stomach becomes extremely full.

Also eating foods that are high in sugar makes other hard to digest foods take longer to digest and leave the stomach because your body will digest the sugars first, so then the other foods just sit in your stomach waiting for the sugars to be used up first.

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