Diet For Acid Reflux – What Is The Best Acid Reflux Diet?

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Diet For Acid Reflux – What Is The Best Acid Reflux Diet?

If you are one of the unlucky people who suffer from acid reflux disease or GERD, one way to ease the burning pain and be free from heartburn is to come up with a plan for an acid reflux diet.

The following information in this article will greatly help you plan your meals to reduce the foods that cause heartburn while at the same time add the ones that help to improve the digestive system. By doing these simple changes to your diet, you can stop the pain and get rid of your acid reflux symptoms, so read on…

Acid Reflux Diet Restriction – What Not To Do

Firstly, you will need to learn what types of food that cause heartburn in order to avoid them. The different foods below should be removed from any diet for acid reflux. This is the first and most important step. If you know what is bad for you, then you can stop doing it.

And don’t worry; you won’t have to live on some boring diet where you are only allowed to eat cucumbers, drink carrot juice, or some other strange thing. The acid reflux diet recipes are very tasty and just the same as your normal food.

You Should Remove The Following From Your Acid Reflux Diet Menu;

Chocolate and cacao – Cacao  is mainly found in chocolate but also in many other kinds of foods and snacks.Acidic fruits – This includes tomatoes and citrus fruits (there are some countering reports that some types of acids actually reduce the  heartburn symptoms  and belongs in an acid reflux disease diet. This is still a controversial topic and I recommend that you listen to your body.)Carbonated Beverages –  Any type of carbonated beverages this includes all kinds of diet sodas too.Alcohol – Alcohol has never been healthy so reduce this to the minimum.

Coffee and caffeine – Avoid anything that contains caffeine, this includes tea and energy drinks. (A new update, recent research has shown that caffeine does not cause heartburn, I recommend that you listen to your body and if you feel OK then by all means enjoy your coffee.)Tobacco and second-hand smoking – We all know that smoking is bad and it doesn’t belong in an acid reflux disease diet. There are many free resources on the internet that can help you quit.

Spicy foods – These can be hard on the stomach but research has shown that a small amount of chili actually helps to reduce heartburn by killing harmful bacteria and fungus in the stomach.Peppermint, Spearmint, and Mint Tea – Anything with mint in it will make the stomach produce more acid, which if you suffer from acid reflux should be avoided.

Dairy products – It has been known that the casein in the milk or dairy is responsible for indigestion and stomach stress. Milk has long been used to treat heartburn, it is true that milk can give some quick relief but in the long run milk does more harm than it does good.Artificial sweeteners  – These sweetening chemicals, such as Aspartame and Sucralose are definitely not heartburn friendly. You can use honey instead, or Stevia or unrefined brown sugar.Greasy foods – Fast foods or any types of foods that have a lot of fat in them.  Foods high in fat will take a longer time to digest and in doing so puts more pressure on the stomach which then forces the stomach acid up into the esophagus.

It is necessary to know that some people that suffer from acid reflux can eat some of these foods without any problems while others will have heartburn just by eating a little bit. You might be able to tolerate a small number of spicy herbs but cannot deal with alcohol or greasy foods at all.

Try it out for yourself, but it is best to keep your intake of these foods as small as you can. Another thing that might help you out is to take supplementary enzymes, probiotics, and fiber to aid your digestive system. This will speed up the digestive process and help you with your heartburn problem in the long run.

Acid Reflux Diet Recommendations – What To Do

The general idea behind an effective acid reflux diet menu is to include ingredients that strengthen your digestive system to minimize the occurrence of heartburn.

Your Diet For Acid Reflux Disease Should Include The Following Foods:

Foods high in fiber – Non-starchy fruits like berries are high in fiber as well as almonds and oats. The reason that these foods should be put on your acid reflux diet menu is because fiber helps absorb the fat in your diet and improves digestion.Foods high in digestive enzymes – Papayas and pineapples are known for their enzymatic qualities. Papaya contains papain which our body needs to digest protein, whereas for pineapple, the bromelain is another enzyme to help with digestion.Foods high in protein – Protein-rich foods are good for stopping heartburn. It does so by increasing the pressure that is exerted by the lower muscle band that seals the stomach (esophageal sphincter).  Taking a protein powder or other protein supplements can help your acid reflux and diet.

To sum up, your diet for acid reflux disease should be high in protein, fruits, and vegetables preferably those that are not the acidic type or acidic ones that have enzymatic quality. Last but not least, minimizing the greasy food intake and it will not only help you with your diet and acid reflux but will also lower the risk of having high cholesterol and hypertension problems.

These are the basics of the acid reflux diet plan that should have given you some general guidelines and advice to get you started.


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